May I invite you on a gliding trip to Poland & Slovakia highest mountains (Tatry Wysokie / High Tatras), see all the highest peaks while ridge soaring through the whole main mountain range and then return back home safely.

This is a mixed thermal and ridge soaring flight.



You will start at famous polish gliding place - Żar mountain (70km from Hight Tatras), location of polish mountain gliding school (dating
Glider model: DG 808S
1. Antoine 01:41:17 125.0km/h
2. Jarosław Wosik 01:46:36 118.8km/h
Glider model: AS AS-33me
1. Alex O'Keefe 01:44:06 121.6km/h
2. Clayton Kranz 01:47:51 117.4km/h
3. lenidcamper 01:55:17 109.8km/h
Third native MSFS2020 thermals-only race in location where I often fly in real life (see photos from location below).

Start gate min height is 2296ft (700m).

Finish gate min height is 984ft (300m).

Other waypoints have no min height.

All waypoints max height is 6233ft (1899m).

Set date to 15 of July 2021 around noon.

This time wind is stronger (strength raising from 5
Glider model: AS AS-33me
1. lenidcamper 00:53:54 178.1km/h
2. Jarosław Wosik 00:55:53 171.7km/h
3. Clayton Kranz 00:59:50 160.4km/h
Glider model: DG 808S
1. Aseru 01:06:04 145.3km/h
2. mariscal72 01:07:38 141.9km/h
Glider model: LS LS4
Glider model: Schempp-Hirth Discus-2c
Glider model: Ka 6E
1. Jarosław Wosik 04:04:03 39.3km/h
Second short race that uses only native (built-in) MSFS2020 thermals for gliding.

This time with proper start, finish gates and waypoints so you can actually complete it and have your track recorded as competition results in Albatross.

For this race I made weather just a tiny little bit more difficult - cloudbase is quite low, I  added some light wind (4kts) from SW and made weather less obvious - as in real life less developed clouds won't provide lift - for the best lift try
Glider model: AS AS-33me
1. brm352 00:27:44 168.7km/h
2. Shogunn 00:28:19 165.2km/h
3. Clayton Kranz 00:30:50 151.7km/h
Glider model: DG 808S
1. Antoine 00:29:48 157.0km/h
2. Mikhail Biryukov 00:38:46 120.7km/h
3. Jarosław Wosik 01:00:39 77.1km/h
Glider model: Schempp-Hirth Discus-2c
1. Jarosław Wosik 00:49:37 94.3km/h
Glider model: SH Discus-2b
1. Jarosław Wosik 01:04:26 72.6km/h
Glider model:
1. Jarosław Wosik 01:27:32 53.5km/h

Amazingly it is possible to use thermals below clouds for soaring in MSFS2020!

This race doesn't use any Albatross/Kinetic Assistant programmed thermals (no csv file) - just pure MSFS2020 weather which means you can look for thermals under the clouds,

and do not need to use any additional software for flight
Glider model: AS AS-33me
Glider model: Schempp-Hirth Discus-2c