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  1. Press Select button (a) of only available plan
  2. Fill in:
    a. Name – it can be MSFS user ID (like MYNAME#1234) or just your nickname. It will appear in results and world map.
    b. Private password
    c. Email
    d. Press SUBMIT button – you will get 3 months free trial, no payment credentials will be requested
  3. a. Press View Membership Account link
  4. a. Copy your unique ALBATROSS Private Key – it will be used to link application with your member profile
  5. In the application window, insert Private Key into the Name field (a). If account loaded properly, you will see your name above the field (b)
  6. Refresh your profile page – if you did some flights before registration, your older results should appear in the list (a). If some did not – feel free to contact us and it will be done manually.