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Reno Race – Unlimited / Jets

Reno racing project – not for gliders!

Race files for manual installation
Glider model: DCD F-15I Strike Eagle Ra'am
TheGreatHadoken 00:04:38 994.9km/h April 18 2021 07:36
Glider model: DG 808S
1. SkyLane 00:05:39 817.6km/h 1000 February 15 2021 01:38
2. tjburni 00:15:59 289.1km/h 353 February 14 2021 08:04
SkyLane 00:06:02 764.8km/h February 15 2021 01:06
SkyLane 00:14:00 329.8km/h February 14 2021 00:18
Glider model: Aermacchi MB-339PAN Frecce Tricolori
SDMagoo 00:10:46 428.6km/h March 18 2021 22:43

2 thoughts on “Reno Race – Unlimited / Jets”

  1. Testing the reno jet race it timed the jet course ok, but doesn’t save results to server?
    See https://ibb.co/ZXB0FZG for confirmation of timing. The map is a kind of unreadable (needs zoom?), and also crashed trying to “Get flight results”.
    The Leaderboard connection setup could use some confirmation, as it’s not clear whether you have been registered or not – and I suspect not as the results are not being saved.

    1. TheGreatHadoken

      Confirmed. I beat a listed time, thought I had done everything right, the time was apparently not recorded to the server. The concept has some promise; I hope these issues can be worked out.

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